10 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Muay Thai Lovers 

The festive season is now in full swing! You are aware of what that indicates, right? The time has come to start planning your Holiday gift list. With so many alternatives available, finding the ideal present might be challenging. Speaking of lists, is there someone in your friend or family who is a Muay Thai lover? We have put together a list of 10 gifts for your fitness freak friends and family members who are having Muay Thai training.  

Muay Thai training

1. Muay Thai T-Shirts  

Who doesn’t love clothes! One of the best ways to show your love for a Muay Thai enthusiast is to get them Muay Thai clothing. They never get enough tees, hoodies, and t-shirts featuring Muay Thai. You can also give them gym wear for their Muay Thai training. Without a doubt , one can never have too many Muay Thai t-shirts! It is the most practical gift and can be worn outside of the training as well. 

Muay Thai training

2. Muay Thai Training Gloves   

A new set of Muay Thai Training Gloves is an excellent gift for any Muay Thai enthusiast. Even if they currently own a set, you can get weighted gloves, bag gloves, or sparring gloves to help them with their Muay Thai training. Continuous Muay Thai training , sweat and workout can make the gloves a bit ripe. Good gloves are an investment for Muay Thai fighters. This holiday season you can surprise them by getting some new activewear for their training sessions.  

Muay Thai training

3. Muay Thai Training Courses 

There couldn’t be a better gift for any of your Muay Thai enthusiast friends than gifting them a Muay Thai Training Course. Training courses will help your beloved in learning their most wanted Martial Arts. Get them registered in exclusive training sessions with your town’s recognized Muay Thai coach! A few hours of Muay Thai Training Courses will help the person you are buying to polish their game. You can also get them registered for e-courses so that they can enhance their techniques. 

Muay Thai courses can be a wonderful gift for women and kids as well. Muay Thai training courses are good for weight loss, increased physical fitness, and learning the fundamentals of self-defense.

Muay Thai training

4. Muay Thai Shorts 

Another pair is all a Muay Thai shorts lover would want. Shop the coolest looking shorts for your Muay Thai lover friends this holiday season. There is a lot of variety in short styles and designs. The best kinds of shorts are those which are breathable and provide freedom of movement. This is also a very practical gift and will go a long way. You can also get customized shorts with some fun designs. It can become a memorable gift and make your loved one remember you whenever they wear those.

Muay Thai training

5. Shin Guards 

Shin guards are the most important thing in your Muay Thai gear after the gloves. A nice shin guard will help protect your loved ones legs. Muay Thai involves many kicking techniques as well, where the target is the opponent’s legs. If left exposed the ankle and foot are at high risk of injury. A good padded shin guard with velcro straps around it will make the perfect gift this holiday season. There are tons of options but the best protective gear maintains the perfect balance between speed and safety. 

Muay Thai training

6. Gym Bag 

People who are doing regular Muay Thai need to carry a good quality gym bag. As it holds all of their gym wear and protective gear. 

A Muay Thai trainer typically includes the following things  in his gym bag on a training day: Ankle guards, shin guards, protective gear, groin protectors, two pairs of boxing gloves, two pairs of Muay Thai shorts, multiple sets of dry tech t-shirts, and a bottle of water. To keep these many essentials, it is important for them to have a top quality gym bag with plenty of space and pockets. Thus, a Gym Bag will be an absolute heaven for Muay Thai fighters.  

7. Muay Thai Supplies and Accessories 

Muay Thai Training Supplies can be the perfect surprise. New shin guards, mouth guards, groin guards, and other training gear are always appreciated by Muay Thai practitioners but after purchasing the necessary protective gear they must run out of the budget for extra supplies. Muay Thai accessories and supplies that most people don’t consider buying will make up a list of amazing Muay Thai presents. For enthusiastic  fighters of Muay Thai, these would be perfect:

  • Muay Thai themed headbands
  • Prajioud (Armbands)
  • Gym water bottle 
  • Health tracking watch 
  • Oil and balm for relaxing muscle

8. Muay Thai Books 

You have a variety of options for gifting if the receiver is a Muay Thai fighter who also happens to be a book lover. There’s nothing more motivating and inspiring than reading  about a fighter’s life and experiences. Muay Thai books[1] are a great source of information and focus mainly on the tactics and training methods of Muay Thai. 


There are many biographies of native Thai fighters as well, whose tales are frequently exciting and entertaining. A few novels about Western fighters’ experiences learning Muay Thai are genuinely fascinating as well.

Michael Goodison’s book “Muay Thai; Peace, At Last (Combat Sports)” [2] is one of the finest books pertaining to Muay Thai training. It describes his traveling journey and his preparation for his Muay Thai Fights in Thailand. For enthusiastic Muay Thai Training fighters, this book offers a wealth of information and guidance to ace their Muay Thai journey.  

9. Full-Body Massages 

Muay Thai Training and fighting classes can be tiring and exhausting. One of the simplest ways for your fighter friends to enhance and accelerate muscle recovery from exhaustion, strains, and injuries is to get a deep, full-body massage[3]. 

Massages calm down the body, relieve aches, and even lessen swelling. So, booking a satisfying massage appointment can be an amazing gift to help your dear friends recover well.

10. Skin Care 

Some gifts are universally accepted and appreciated as the best gifts. Skin care products are just one of those Gifts. One skin care gift set may include a handful of the essential items that make up an efficient skin care regimen, such as face wash, cleansing soap, sunscreen, brightening serum, retinol cream, or moisturizer[2]. It’s a great gift idea to give skin care, particularly if your friend is working out so hard in their Muay Thai Training.


Deciding what to gift someone is hard, and deciding to get a gift for a Muay Thai lover is harder. But we have got you! These top 10 gifting ideas will help you get the right and perfect gift to your enthusiastic Muay Thai friend.  

Shop the best for your best, and let us know what you plan to give your loved ones this season. If you want to go over and above this holiday season, then Muay Thai Training courses are the best gift your beloved deserves. 


  1. Should you do skin care after a workout? 

It is crucial to follow a skin care regimen especially after working out. All the sweat can cause bacteria to build up on your skin. It can lead to acne and breakouts. 

  1. What equipment do you need for Muay Thai ? 

Gloves, gym wear, and protective shin guards are the basic equipment, that every Muay Thai fighter must have. 


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