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At Kingdom Martial Arts Academy we offer training of both physical and mental fitness through the avenues of Martial Arts while conveying confidence and direction to all individuals who seek to learn. We do this by encouraging values such as Honor, Humility, and Courage. It is KMA’s aim to supplant people with the TRUE knowledge of Self.


Erase Negativity & Embrace Positivity

Achieve your fitness goals, learn self-defense, and embrace change. Our classes feature a strict no negativity rule. We encourage all of our students, regardless of age, to bring the positive impact and influence of our classes with them into their daily lives.


Discover Strength You Didn’t Know You Had!

Taught and overseen by Daisy Johnson, a professional stadium fighter with extensive training in Thailand, students can expect to learn authentic Muay Thai techniques while burning calories and practicing self-defense. KMA specializes in the art of Muay Femur and Muay Khao. Our instructors diligently observe every student, instilling confidence and self-belief, while enforcing good habits and techniques.


Because Everyone Deserves To Look And Feel There Best

With group classes for students at the beginning of their martial arts journey through those seeking an advanced curriculum, we are proud to offer a training session for every student at every level of experience. If you are ready to work hard, our professional Muay Thai competitors are ready to train you!


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Kids Muay Thai

With an overarching goal to instill confidence and self-belief, our kid’s program teaches authentic Muay Thai while training each student with the same respect and honor found at the professional level.

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Adult Muay Thai

Learn proper Muay Thai technique, harden your mind and body, and burn significant calories! We’ll enforce good habits and techniques to help you successfully hone your craft and achieve your fitness goals.

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Women's Self-Defense

Taught by a woman, for women! Take self-defense to the next level and explore a variety of different exercise techniques, focused on full-body strengthening, all while learning the art of Muay Thai.

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If you are looking for a place where you not only learn Muay Thai, but you learn about the culture of Thailand and how to better yourself inside the academy walls as well as outside of them, then this is the place you want to be! All the coaches are extremely welcoming and work with you every step of the way no matter what your experience level is. They really teach/show you how to remain humble while staying hungry to reach your goals!

Edward Lopez

Via Google Reviews
Overall love the energy here, since i started i feel like I’ve learnt a lot and gotten amazing tips from everyone . Coaches are detailed and patient (coming from someone with little to no rhythm) they really take the time to not only makes sure you’re safe but also actively learning. Coming to my this place has definitely helped me raise my spirits , I have fun and I also feel like I’m getting empowered ,especially with the energy these amazing people bring

Rebeca Vilareal Aguilar

Via Google Reviews
Daisy and TJ are some of the best and most knowledgeable people you could meet in the Muay Thai community. I started training with them remotely at the beginning of the pandemic just after they returned from Thailand. They’ve become good friends. I would recommend their academy or their on-line training to anyone from beginners to fighters. They are professional, good natured, and inspiring. Join today!

Nate Eldon

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